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Garage Zagers | Drive in movie

Garage Zagers is a Nissan dealer in Sint-Antonius Zoersel. A typical family business where the love of cars has been passed down from father to son. In 2016 it is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Motto of the garage: “Our service always runs smoothly.”



• Increase name recognition in the region, top of mind
• Stand out positively and rejuvenate image = positive competition
• Longer-term customer relations and attract new, younger customers



The concept - a summer “Drive In Movie” happening - was developed because it fits closely with the client´s core business. In this way we could also discretely show various models to the visitors. First of all we looked for a special location where the happening could be held, and we found it on the Sint Teunisplein in Zoersel, a beautiful and social square that is divided into areas where food trucks can be very easily positioned. The objective was to have an evening-filling programme so that visitors could enjoyably spend time together. The "Drive In Movie" was announced in advance via Facebook. In a first phase people could vote on their favourite film, and the film with the most votes was shown. In addition, the event was announced locally via: • Posters in public places • Flyers • Lettering on Zagers cars • Website, Facebook, Proxistore • Radio spot on Zoe • Shopping carts in the GB Zandhoven • Advertisements in local media such as Elite, Impuls, De Streekkrant,…



Despite the poor weather (it turned out to be bitterly cold, and there was a steady downpour the whole evening...), the "Drive In Movie" sold out and we received large numbers of positive responses. (to be continued?)

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