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Chocovit is one of the products of Vitalac, a Belgian dairy producer. Along with their vitamin-enriched skim chocolate milk, they also produce Vanilivit, Cafévit and Jojovit. When developing new products, Vitalac always strives for a careful balance between good taste and a limited number of calories.



We were called in to start up a Facebook channel, via which Vitalac wants to reach the general public by means of brand awareness. By expanding the fan base, they want to be top of mind when the consumer buys chocolate milk; in addition, they want to highlight their other products and promote a healthy, sportive lifestyle.



Mr Vital was created when the channels were started up: he serves as a mascot and transmits messages in various ways. The themes communicated about are fairly broad and above all must encourage people to move more. In addition, we try to be inspiring - with a necessary touch of humour here and there. The communication is done in two languages (NL – FR), by means of audience restrictions it is assured that the right language reaches the right target group (and not vice versa).



After 9 months, the counter stands at almost 10,000 fans. Supporting the messages with modest advertising budgets increases the reach and above all the engagement.

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