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Lignavita | Startbox Action

Lignavita is a young brand of protein diets whose nutritional concept is based on reducing sugars and carbohydrates. This ensures that you burn up to 85% fat while nevertheless maintaining muscle mass. Despite the competitive market and the advent of online diet coaches, the brand is still growing every year. Sales and follow-up take place via a network of coaches in Flanders and the Netherlands. Hanne Troonbeeckx has been the face of Lignavita since 2012.



Slimming down is one of the absolutely classic New Year´s resolutions, so the start of the year is the ideal moment for a producer of protein diets to capitalise on those good intentions. In 2015 a resolutions action was conducted where candidates could purchase a startbox at 50% off in January/February. It already proved to be very successful, but in 2016 the bar was set a bit higher.



During the week of January 11th, a ´door2door´ mailing was distributed in the region of the participating coaches.

The action is also being announced via an advertisement in Nina, e-mailing, online bannering on WOW sites, website and Facebook. In addition, the coaches get 3 motivation boards and flyers. At the same time, an ambassador action is running on Facebook where the winners keep a diary on how things are going, in order to make the process more accessible and motivate people to start with Lignavita.



In 2015, 338 boxes were sold, in 2016 this was 890 and January will be booked as the best month up to now. Or, to put it in a customer´s words: "Dizzying figures!"

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