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News from one´s own immediate vicinity continues to draw interest. Moreover, thanks to our many years of experience we know perfectly well what our readers want to read and we are able to hold their interest. Both on- and offline. More than enough reasons therefore to advertise in our local papers. They are the ideal media for quickly gaining name recognition within a local population.

Our publications are the only house-to-house papers that receive quality distribution via bpost. This gives you a much higher guarantee for response to your advertisement. For Thema Nieuws we have a network of around 3,000 distribution points to ensure a strong regional presence.




A free thematic magazine that is published each month in 90,000 copies in 3 different regions. 50% professional editorial content in each issue, 12 different target groups and 100% pick up guarantee are the greatest advantages of this magazine.

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Our free house-to-house newspapers in Leuven, Tienen & Aarschot offer a critical look at regional events. Professional journalists guarantee a fresh and amusing perspective on the news from your street. From critical columns to fascinating interviews. Biweekly and free in the mailbox.

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With 260,000 copies, Maar Natuurlijk is by far the largest health magazine in Flanders. It is published 5 times a year and each issue reaches more than 400,000 readers who are interested in healthy living. Time and again, the team of professional medical journalists succeed in clearly discussing difficult health problems.

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De Smaakgids is the absolute reference for every restaurant visitor in East Brabant. The yearbook offers a clear overview of surprising hotels, restaurants and cafés in the region. De Smaakgids has a print run of 40,000 copies with 100% pick up guarantee. The ideal channel of communication for a horeca business in East Brabant to reach the right consumers.

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For over 20 years now, monthly local papers pop into the mailbox throughout a large part of the Hageland. Aarschot, Rillaar, Tielt-Winge, Bekkevoort, Scherpenheuvel and Diest each have their own paper, delivered free of charge by the postman to every household. The strength of these publications resides in the purely local news.

Titles such as Rietlaer, Bekke-nieuws, Tielt-wingse, Den Eik, Glabbeek! and Den Diesteneir are of great importance for the local community life. Den Herk and Den Halenaar joined the team in 2015.

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LEUVEN ACTUEEL is the digital little brother of the house-to-house newspaper of the same name. The website posts daily updates with the most important news from Leuven and the surrounding municipalities. On Friday the editors distribute a newsletter with a selection of the week´s biggest stories. 

LIMBURG ACTUEEL is the Limburg news site par excellence with daily news from the entire province. Professional journalists keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening and prepare a daily newsletter with the most important Limburg news. Fast, relevant and to the point. 


The website is the reference in the region for economic news. From general economic news that is important for companies in East Brabant to specific economic events such as the launch of new products or bankruptcies.