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Bloemen thomas | Social

Bloemen thomas is meer dan een bloemenzaak. Naast een uitgebreid assortiment bloemen en planten vind je er sfeervolle interieurcollecties en zelfs tuinmeubilair terug. De winkel is al jaren een vast begrip in Limburg. Sinds 2014 zijn we actief in de digitale ondersteuning.




• Make the target group more accessible and younger
• Aim commercial actions at the right target group
• Customer relations via social media channels



Currently Bloemen thomas is only present on Facebook. As part of the launch of a new website/shop, Instagram and Pinterest will be added over the longer term, so that ever more successful digital campaigns can be conducted.

Content: inspire people, give tips, present new collections, organise contests. The house style from print campaigns is uniformly introduced in order to strengthen recognisability.

Start 22/08/2014: 944 fans



Currently around 13,000 fans, the vast majority of whom fall squarely within the target group: 91% female, age 25-54, regions of Limburg, East Brabant and Liège.

The good results are primarily due to the combination of inspiring content, interaction, win-actions and a supportive media budget. There is a very high level of engagement amongst the fans, as a result of which the page achieves very good organic results.

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